What should we wear ?

The right wardrobe choices help create the images you will want to hang on your wall. 

Choosing wardrobe for your photo shoot can feel intimidating, but remember this is supposed to be FUN not stressful ! 

Keep in mind, when choosing your wardrobe is, you should feel good wearing it !  You want to be comfortable and crucially, you want your kids to be comfortable. (and well rested and well fed !) 

Choose classic pieces that will stand the test of time.  (Remember giant shoulder pads ?)

If we're shooting outside, avoid a lots of green, mix it up with colors that pop.

Avoid branded clothing and clothing with words unless intentional

Avoid neon colors, and crazy patterns

Coordinate your family looks but don't match.  Similar color families with complementary patterns work well.

Adding one person in complementary color to a similar color family looks fabulous.

Accessories are always fun, they can take your wardrobe game to the next level.  If you like, bring stuff we can play with like scarves, hats or fun jewelry all of these things can add variety to your session.

Avoid wearing all black or all white.  

If shooting on a black background, bright cheery colors work best.  Do not wear black tops to avoid the floating head look.

Having trouble figuring it out?  Send me pictures, call me, I'm happy to help you curate your looks.

On another somewhat related note,  there's no shame in bribing your children ! Sometimes kids cooperate much better if there is the promise of a teeny tiny bribe.  Feel free to bring along fruit snacks, M&Ms, etc - all great ways to get a skeptical child in the swing of the fun.