Pre Shoot

Shoot dates are reserved upon receipt of 1st 50% retainer, 2nd half of the invoice is due on or before the shoot date.  Quoted rates do not include WA state sales tax. 

Upon booking my services, we will talk about locations and choose one that works mutually, suggestions are welcome, or I have favorites to suggest.  I have information to help you with wardrobe choices.  

If you're booking an event, we will go through the details of your specific event and "must have" shots.  Rates for events vary by event.  

I will send you a brief questionnaire to get to know your family and style a little bit better before we get together.

You can ask any questions you have pre-shoot.  I am here to help and to make sure you are confident and ready for your shoot.  It can feel daunting to get yourself and your family ready for a shoot, but I want it to be a fun experience.  So ask away if you have any questions.  







Shoot Day

Congratulations!  You checked photography off your list!  Shoots with me are fun!  They are casual and relaxed. Generally family sessions take about 1 hour from start to finish.  Headshots and portraits are usually about 20-30 minutes.  

I work quickly and stealthily posing and directing you to get emotive, dynamic shots.  We'll walk from location to location to get a good variety of looks for your photos.

Kids will get a chance to play. Some of the best shots come from when kids are just doing their thing. I get them running, climbing & twirling! This will help your kids not feel like they are just having to sit still and smile for pictures because that is boring!  Portrait sessions are also fun, they are quick and painless, I get kids to relax so we can capture their true selves be that silly, serious or reserved. 

Is your kid camera shy, grouchy, tired ? No problem, and no stress.  Even kiddos not having their best day can take beautiful shots.  We capture what we have to work with on photo day. To give us the best chance at happy kiddos try to bring your child well fed and well rested.  When all else fails, little bribes never hurt! Bring a few little treats just in case!

m_bloedel_sunforest copy.jpg


Post Shoot

Within 2-3 weeks (4-6 weeks for events) you will receive your fully edited digital gallery.  You will have access to your password protected gallery to download your images. 

You will have the option order prints and lots of different cool products directly from the gallery.  Albums of your family shoot or event are also available.