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Kids grow up fast!

One of my closest friends lives in Italy now but comes home for summers with her family. Her girls are identical twins and I have known them since they were the size of jumbo burritos ! They are nearly 16 now and have become amazing young women. My girlfriend hired me to take their pictures for her this summer since they are getting more and more grown up by the minute and she wanted to stop the summer of 2018 in time!

Get in the frame with your kids.

Even if your kids are older like my friends girls, you’ve still got to get in the frame. It will mean so much to all of you to have photos of you together.

Professional pictures of your children are the best art.

It is so important to document your children as they grow. In a blink they are nearly grown up. No matter their stage, get pictures and better yet, get professional pictures that you can hang on your walls as art. Because what’s more beautiful than your children ??

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