Family photos can feel like a big deal | Seattle Family Photographer

Booking family photos can feel overwhelming

I totally get it because I’m living it! Life is crazy busy and it’s hard to carve out the time to get family photos done. But it’s important! Documenting your growing family will mean everything you to you as the years go by. I strive to make your experience easy and dare I say, actually fun ! I understand that It is no small feat to pick a date that works for everyone, get everyone’s outfits prepped, make sure they’re dressed and don’t have chocolate on their face and then get everyone to the same spot at the same time. I 100% understand because I am right here in the thick of it with my family too. It can feel like a monumental challenge. But it is my job to ease those challenges for you.

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I make the experience easy and fun.

My pledge to you is to make it as easy as possible. I will send you lots of great information that will get you prepared before our session. We will talk through what you are looking for and what you like. We will choose a location that gets you excited. You can even send me pics of what you want everyone to wear and I’ll help you choose what works well together. By the time you get to the session, you will be totally prepared and YAY you can relax because I will take it from here.

black and white family of 5 on couch in front of bookshelf laughing and looking at each other

How do you prepare your kids?

Do you worry that your kids won’t behave or that they won’t participate? Please put this worry out of your mind. I am a mom, and I have kids that get tired, hungry and crabby too. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve to help kids that are shy or not feeling super into getting photos taken to relax. You can help me by bringing kids to the session that have full tummies and are well rested. But sometimes even the best prepared kiddo can lose it. Kids are kids! So even if your kids start to lose it, no problem! Our photo session is a “no stress zone”, I am very patient and not easily rattled so I will work with your kids to get them back to happy and having fun asap. Feel free to bring bribes with you, most kids are pretty motivated when a skittle or an m&m is on the line.

Pat yourself on the back mama, you did it!

Your to do list is always a mile long - mine is too. I will help you get one big thing checked off of it. You can collaborate with me or you can let me do it all. I want the experience for you, the do-er of ALL the things to enjoy yourself and your fabulous family. I want it to be an hour for you that feels good, that lets you check out a little bit and be present in the moment.

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