Extended family photographs | Seattle Family Photographer

When your family is together, document it!

This family was getting together for the holidays and since everyone was in one spot, they wanted to remember it with photos.  Extended family photo sessions are a really great way to document a growing family, get photos of the adult children with their parents, or just capture the spirit of your whole family together.  Families are busy today so when everyone stops moving for a bit, its important to get some shots for posterity.

Extended family photos make amazing gifts.

We all have people in our family who have everything and are really really hard to shop for. Family photos make amazing gifts. They are priceless heirlooms documenting your family’s growth and change. Memories of the times you are together are priceless!

 Print those pictures!

When you do go to the effort of documenting your family together, nothing is cooler than actually getting prints on the wall. Prints are a bit of a unicorn these days as so many of our photos live on our hard drives and on our phones. Prints are a beautiful, classic way to keep your family memories front and center. I work with professional labs that will print your photos beautifully. There are a huge range of products you can choose from, the only limit is your imagination !