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Collaboration on family photos

This fabulous family was a joy to work with.  The mama is an incredible artist and has a keen eye for art and beauty.   We worked together before the shoot, creating a Pinterest board to share images that inspire and we had a great time planning out the shots they wanted.  She wanted each child to be photographed in their room,  and so each child chose what they wanted captured, and that helped the to be very invested in our shoot.  

The full service photographer - sit back and relax, I got you!

Some families like that level of input, but most families just want me to take over and do it all.  I want your experience to be easy and fun for you and your family so I personalize each session to the exact needs of each family that I shoot.  I want to get to know before we shoot so when we arrive at the shoot, it is easy and relaxed !  

family sitting on couch laughing, black and white, family photo shoot,
teenaged boy in room, playing guitar, family photo shoot
young girl laying on floor drawing, family photo shoot
teenaged girl sitting on modern chair at window reading, family photography
young girl in wild things costume pulling teenaged boy in wagon in green yard

What is family lifestyle photography anyway?

One of my favorite things to photograph is families. But what does “family lifestyle” actually photography mean ?

Lifestyle photography is a little more relaxed than traditional family photography.

Photographers like to label what they do, I say I am a “lifestyle” photographer. This is what that means to you. I want you to see in your images from me what you feel when you are with your family. It is quite simple. I want you to have images that capture the beauty in your everyday stuff. I want you to see how your kids look at you when you’re looking at me because that is the GOOD stuff right there. Raising a family is hard work, I know as I am currently in the thick of it. A photo session lets you slow down for just a minute and hang out with your kids and your family. And I really believe, it is important to capture yourselves as time goes by.

Lifestyle photography is fun!

When you show up to a session with me, you can expect to have a good time. Being in front of the camera can be nerve wracking, and it can feel vulnerable. I totally get it. That is why I come to the session ready to put you at ease. We will joke, laugh, and be silly. Yes, I will direct you and pose you some too, but you will stop noticing me so much and focus in on your people. I want you to leave the session surprised at how easy and fun it was.

Lifestyle photography is real”ish” !

I will pose you and ask you to do certain things for me. But once we get going, it doesn’t feel like you are posing or being directed. Most families will relax and just start to have fun with it. Jokes fly, kiddos get tickled and moms and dads kiss! Its those micro moments that produce pure magic.

Your kids get to be themselves.

I let kids play! The kids I photograph are often surprised that they get to run, hug, tickle, laugh and are not asked to force a smile for my camera. I don’t want photos of my kids forcing a smile at the camera and I don’t think you do either. I love to photograph them how you see them, giant goofy grin, wrinkled up nose from laughing so hard and maybe even a little dirty from playing so hard.

family walking from behind, winter, mom and dad with daughter,

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Annual photographs are a fun tradition

I photographed the Ruf family on a beautiful warm sunny afternoon in their own yard. The mom of this awesome family had a lot of fabulous ideas we were able to incorporate into some pretty amazing images.  The kids were way into it and we spent the entire session experimenting with a lot of different looks.  We managed to get some more stylized shots along with some truly beautiful shots that show the love they have for each other.  This family does an annual photo of them all in their Adidas track suits.  I think we nailed it this year !! 

Bring me ideas or let me do the heavy lifting.

If you have specific ideas for your photo shoot, lets talk about it, I love working with you to get the images that best represent their own individual family.  Or, if you want to sit back, relax and let me do the heavy lifting - great!  I have lots of ideas and techniques to get the most natural & fun images of you and your family.  Either way, you'll come away from our session with images you love that are 100% YOU. 



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