Double amazingness ! | Seattle family photographer

One of my closest friends lives in Italy now but comes home for summers with her family. Her girls are identical twins and I have known them since they were the size of jumbo burritos ! They are nearly 16 now and have become amazing young women. My girlfriend hired me to take their pictures for her this summer since they are getting more and more grown up by the minute and she wanted to stop the summer of 2018 in time!

We had a gorgeous evening, and the girls were naturals in front of the camera. I even convinced my friend to pop in for a guest shot here and there.

It is so important to document your children as they grow. In a blink they are nearly grown up. No matter their stage, get pictures and better yet, get professional pictures that you can hang on your walls as art. Because what’s more beautiful than your children ??

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family photography
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portrait photography

Extended Family, together for the holidays | Seattle Family Photographer

This family was getting together for the holidays and since everyone was in one spot, they wanted to remember it with photos.  Extended family photo sessions are a really great way to document a growing family, get photos of the adult children with their parents, or just capture the spirit of your whole family together.  Families are busy today so when everyone stops moving for a bit, its important to get some shots for posterity.  Even more important, get those photos on the wall, you'll never regret surrounding yourself by photos of the ones you love.  




Wild and crazy family | Seattle Family Photographer

I photographed the Ruf family on a beautiful warm sunny afternoon in their own yard. The mom of this awesome family had a lot of fabulous ideas we were able to incorporate into some pretty amazing images.  The kids were way into it and we spent the entire session experimenting with a lot of different looks.  We managed to get some more stylized shots along with some truly beautiful shots that show the love they have for each other.  This family does an annual photo of them all in their Adidas track suits.  I think we nailed it this year !! 

If you have specific ideas for your photo shoot, lets talk about it, I love working with you to get the images that best represent their own individual family.  Or, if you want to sit back, relax and let me do the heavy lifting - great!  I have lots of ideas and techniques to get the most natural & fun images of you and your family.  Either way, you'll come away from our session with images you love that are 100% YOU. 



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